Young Civil Servants Scholarship Scheme

Young Civil Servants Scholarship Scheme


Project Value 600,000.00 €
Project Status Finished
Beneficiary Sector
Implementing Partners

École Nationale D’Administration

EU Contribution
600,000.00 €
Project Timeline
August 2017 - July 2018

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the project is:

  • To support the civil service reform through the implementation of a Young Professional Scheme contributing to the building of a professional, independent and merit-based system of recruitment and training, in line with European standards
  • To enhance the attractiveness of the civil service for young professionals and contribute to establish a nucleus of young professional civil servants with skills and abilities to carry forward the public administration reform and the EU integration process

Summary of the Project

The purpose of this project was to strengthen the attractiveness of civil service in Albania and improve the competencies of young civil servants, through the development of a Young Professional Scheme and an EU Scholarship Scheme in line with the best EU standards. The project supported the Government of Albania in building a system to attract young candidates for the civil service in the long term and offered a better career management policy.


  • Inception phase: Defining the expected profile of the target group, the competency required and the selection criteria for the young civil servants, including the language competencies
  • Advertising the call for applications
  • Conception of the training programme and development of the training materials
  • Selection of the candidates by the Department of Public Administration, the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) and École Nationale d’Administration
  • Implementation of the pilot training programme
  • Final exam (preparing and presenting the individual report) at ASPA and closing of the pilot programme
  • Design with the Albanian authorities of a sustainable EU Scholarship Programme for young civil servants
  • Identification of potential schools, institutes of public administration and similar partners in Europe available to offer practical training and internships for Albanian scholars (starting from September 2018)
  • Drafting of a public policy paper and the related institutional package needed to implement the programme on the long term

Expected Results

  • 15 young civil servants from the Albanian administration selected through a highly competitive, transparent and merit based selection procedure
  • 4,5 months of tailor-made training programme delivered for the 15 young civil servants in Tirana, Paris, Strasbourg, Luxemburg and Brussels
  • Workshop with 6 Schools of Public Administration from the EU Member States organised with the aim to present the programme and establish the basis for partnerships
  • A policy paper presenting the design for the future rounds of the scholarship programme developed, consulted and agreed with the stakeholders
  • The amendments to the secondary legislation on civil service, aiming to facilitate the implementation of the retention policy for the graduates of the scholarship programme developed
  • The practical guidelines for the implementation of the future rounds of the scholarship scheme prepared
  • 2 visibility events organised for the graduates of the programme, with extensive media coverage
EUD contact point

Stefano Cominelli

Project Reference Number 385-912