Vlora Waterfront

Vlora Waterfront


Project Value 12,570,000.00 €
Project Status Finished
Beneficiary Sector
Implementing Partners

Albanian Development Fund

EU Contribution
10,470,000.00 €
Project Timeline
June 13th 2015 - September 25th 2017

Overall Objective

The project aims at improving the living conditions of Vlora inhabitants by upgrading the urban infrastructure and existing space, creating new public areas, providing cleaner environment and increasing attractiveness for tourism.

Summary of the Project

The Waterfront in Vlora is among the largest EU funded projects in Albania which include reconstruction of urban infrastructure. Vlora has a scenic bay where Adriatic and Ionian seas meet and long beaches. During the transition period, it was marked by informal developments cutting access to the sea and creating an overall unattractive and polluted environment. The project addresses the need for intervention in the specific area between Skele and tunnel in Vlora. The works include the construction of a road section of about 4 km until the tunnel section and its adjacent promenade of about 3 km along the coast line. The works have also include the construction of public squares, parking areas, parks, concrete structures to support and protect the road and promenade, drainage and irrigation networks, electrical lights system for the whole area, promenade and public squares, sports terrains as well as provision of the related urban furniture.


Vlora waterfront works have been completed and taken over on 25 September 2017. The project visibility event was organized on 11 November 2017 with participation of EU Commissioner Hahn, and Prime Minister of Albania.

EUD in cooperation with ADF and Vlora Municipality has organized an art competition for this project. The aim of the competition is to ensure permanent visibility for EU support to this project.
The art competition was as well an opportunity for Albanian artists to demonstrate their skills and get public exposure.

The art works proposed has been submitted on 25th October 2017 and the nominated Jury completed the evaluation process. The announcement of prices was the public event organized in November 2017 on the occasion of the visit of Commissioner Hahn.

  • For the 1st winning place the EU is supporting for the site installation of art work at maximum budget of 20,000EUR
  •  For the 2nd place winner Albanian Development Fund sponsored 1000 EUR
  •  For the 3rd place winner Vlora Municipality sponsored 500 EUR

The artist that resulted winner form the art competition completed the art work installation which was inaugurated on May 2018 with the presence of EU Ambassador and Vlora Municipality Mayor.

Expected Results

The new waterfront has considerably increased the touristic potential of the city.
The regeneration of the waterfront has allowed for tourists and inhabitants to reclaim the seafronts, which can now hosts numerous activities and events by attracting tourists form cruise ships berthed at the port nearby. The regeneration of the waterfront supports the current touristic boom in Albania as Vlora is one of the few places where proper touristic infrastructures exist. The environment, urban infrastructure, services and the water quality in the intervention area has been improved.

EUD contact point

Ardian Metaj

Project Reference Number 2015/360-660