VAU DEJES – as tourism destination

VAU DEJES – as tourism destination


Project Value 397,285.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Municipality of  Vau Dejes as lead applicant

Beneficiaries: Municipality of  Vau Dejes

EU Contribution
377,420.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

The proposed action will address the improving of access to socio-economic development and employment opportunities to communities vulnerable to cannabis cultivation and trafficking in the area of Vau Dejes.

Summary of the Project

The Municipality is rich in natural resources. The artificial lakes of Vau Dejës (24,7 km2) and Koman lake (12 km2), a water transport from Koman-Fierzë, natural landscapes, valleys, forests, canyons, caves, mountains, complemented by religious, historical and archeologic heritage, traditions, costumes, agriculture and culinary represent a composition of all the tourism supply components, but need to be visible and promoted to become a tourism destination.

The economy has a mostly rural character. Agriculture, energy, tourism and handicrafts are principal sectors. Tourism gives the impression of an unexplored potential with less infrastructure, investment and human resources


A1.1 Identification, documentation and usage of the explored / underexplored potential tourism capacities

A1.2 Tourism information and signage for new itineraries:

A1.3 Designing the new tourist itineraries

A1.4 Promotion materials to promote tourism in Vau Dejës:

A1.5 Promotional and marketing events to attract domestic and international tourists.

A2.1 Training on hospitality and tourism services

A.2.2 Business initiatives and development programme

A.2.3 Financial support to new business ideas on tourism impact


A.3.1: Organisation of public awareness

A3.2 Drafting a Development Tourism Plan

A4.1 Project management, coordination, monitoring, evaluation and reporting

A4.2 Promotion and visibility of the project

Expected Results

To achieve the Overall Objective, four core specific results are defined.

  • Result 1: Improved tourist information, tourism signage and tourism promotion
  • Result 2: Capacity building on tourism profiles, hospitality, crafts, souvenirs and entrepreneurship developed,
  • Result 3: Improved skills of Municipality staff on planning, drafting and management of developing programmes and projects for tourism and organisation of public awareness

Result 4: Successful project implementation, if the project team, pool of experts, stakeholders are supportive

Project Reference Number IPA/2022/ 434-522