Tightening up the victim’s empowering sytems in Albania @Shkoder (TVESA@Sh)

Tightening up the victim’s empowering sytems in Albania @Shkoder (TVESA@Sh)


Project Value 332,925.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Te Ndryshem& te Barabarte ( Different and Equal), Family Child

Care -non for profit (Greece), Shkoder Municipality

Beneficiaries: 1. 200 Victims of gender-based violence including trafficking,
2. 1000 Women with a vulnerable background & their families/
3. 300 Children of victims of trafficking and domestic violence or
those at risk of these abuses,
4. 100 field professionals,
5. 50 Victim Support Stakeholders,
6. 100 Municipality staff/professionals

EU Contribution
299,633.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

To holistically review and advance the Municipality of Shkoder

Victims ’ Protection System

Summary of the Project

The project is implemented through 6 Work Packages (WPs) inter
related by the logic of comprehensiveness of support and the logic of
building and handing over solid quality empowerment programs.
The Work Packages are WP1: Needs assessment and gaps analysis
regarding services, resources and infrastructures;
WP2: Joint Capacity Building-Mutual Learning between CSOs and
Municipality of Shkoder;
WP3: Establishment of the social structures and provision of
integrated services;
WP4: Employability enhancement and investment opportunities to
sustain the project’s initiatives and individuals’ reintegration in the
long run;
WP5: Monitoring of the hand over process and participatory planning
and budgeting to sustainability;
WP6: Dissemination, Raising Awareness and networking with
Business Sector


R.1.1 Mutual learning workshops;

R2.1 Peer-to-peer support (50sessions); Lessons learnt report and
policy recommendation
R.3.1 Services provision; sessions to 200 victims and 1000 vulnerable
-women and their families (Business Plans, Marketing Plans,
Awareness-raising, dissemination and communication plan and actions
for local societies and stakeholders)
R3.2 Provision of childcare for children of victims in Shkoder through
the Grandma
R4.1 Establishment and support of the functioning of three victims ’
businesses in
R4.2 Training on business management and finance targeting the
social workers
R5.1 Open consultations with all relevant stakeholders on the progress
R5.2 Development of the Sustainability Plan
R6.1 Informative events with community and companies of the Private

Expected Results

R.1 To support the provision of community based and integrated
social care services to victims of trafficking and victims of domestic
violence through a gender sensitive and child-friendly approach
R,2 To enhance the geographical coverage and the role of
Municipality of Shkoder in the protection of women from trafficking
and domestic violence;
R3. To promote victims’ empowerment, enhance their skills and self-
sufficiency through various educational and employability activities R4. To ensure the services provision medium and long term
sustainability through capacity building interventions and participatory
planning and budgeting;
R5. To enhance knowledge transfer and expertise sharing both
between local government in Shkoder and local government in Tirana
and between local governments and Civil Society Organizations and
thus reduce socio-spatial inequalities;
R6. To enable CSOs to contribute to local mechanisms and support
local authorities in fulfilling their obligation of protection for victims
of domestic violence and trafficking.
R7. To enhance awareness of media and general public about the
challenges victims face and their needs for integration

Project Reference Number 432 - 378