Technical coordination and supervision, communication and visibility

Technical coordination and supervision, communication and visibility


Project Value 360,800.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

State Cadastre Agency, SASPAC

EU Contribution
360,800.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

To contribute to strengthening the protection of the right to property in Albania and the country’s capacity, to guarantee in practice the right to ownership, as one of the fundamental human rights, provided through a regulated system of harmonised real property, which offers clear and secure property titles for everyone.

Summary of the Project

The project’s goal is to advise on technical aspects of projects planned under the EU-Albania property rights programme, monitor IT related activities (system and database) and improve the communication of the reforms.



Peter Danis

Ms Maria Dora Barrionuevo

Expected Results

Support overall technical implementation and communication, advise on the specific technical aspects of the different projects under the property rights programme;

Provide monitoring of IT related activities (system and database) implemented by the other projects/contracts

Improve the communication and understanding of the Integrated Land Management Reform (ILMR) including enhanced visibility, communication and awareness of the public about the EU support to property rights.

Project Reference Number 428085