Technical Assistance for the Preparation of the Legislation for the Rail Sector

Technical Assistance for the Preparation of the Legislation for the Rail Sector


Project Value 82,670.00 €
Project Status Finished
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EU Contribution
82,670.00 €
Project Timeline
November 2018 - April 2019

Overall Objective

The objective is to support the rail reform through the drafting of legislation deriving from the new Railway Code, in order to pave the way for the un-bundling of the incumbent Albanian Railways (HSH) from the infrastructure management and to set up an independent Safety Authority for investigation of railway accidents and incidents as well as a Regulatory Authority and a Railway Licensing Authority.

Summary of the Project

For the implementation of the new Railway Code, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE) set up a Working Group for the drafting of laws and regulations, in particular for the establishment of: the Railway Safety Authority (RSA), separation of the Albanian Railway, the Railway Regulatory Authority, the National Authority for Investigation of Accidents and Incidents in railways, and the independent Railway Licensing Authority. The project assisted the MIE in this effort.


  • Assistance in the preparation of the relevant laws on setting-up the Rail Agencies

Expected Results

The laws on establishing the following authorities prepared:

  • Rail Safety Authority
  • Rail Regulatory Authority
  • Rail Licensing Authority
  • Investigation of Accidents/Incidents Authority
  • Separation of Albanian Railway (Hekurudha Shqipetare)
EUD contact point

Entela Sulka

Project Reference Number 400-449