Support to the Implementation of Justice Reform in Albania

Support to the Implementation of Justice Reform in Albania


Project Value 32,000,000.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Sector reform Contract SBS-Republic of Albania
Beneficiaries: The people of Albania

EU Contribution
32,000,000.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

To contribute to strengthening rule of law, law enforcement and lower
the corruption level in government agencies and judiciary.

Summary of the Project

This Sector reform Contract awards Albanian state budget with a maximum annual amount of 7 million EUR on basis of performance evaluation of the whole justice sector. 7 key indicators in the field of
justice, which measure judicial accountability, functionality, access to justice and efficiency should be met each year, for a period of four years with the final aim to support the implementation of justice reform and eventually improve rule of law in Albania.


A sector reform contracts for budget support are based on annul
performance evaluation of key indicators related to the expected

Expected Results

-Consolidate independent, efficient and accountable justice system

-Consolidated legal education and training
-Enhance the protection of human rights in the justice system