Support to the EU Integration Process of Albania (SEI)

Support to the EU Integration Process of Albania (SEI)


Project Value 4,000,000.00 €
Project Status ongoing
Implementing Partners

WeGlobal SRL
Beneficiaries: Government of Albania

EU Contribution
4,000,000.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

The specific objectives of this contract are as follows:

1. Support effective alignment of national legislation with the EU acquis
and its implementation.
2. Further strengthening the capacities of the relevant institutions for the
screening and accession negotiations process.

Summary of the Project

To strengthen the capacity of the Government of Albania to successfully manage the overall EU integration process and effectively conduct EU Accession Negotiations.


1. Assist relevant institutions in preparation of laws, by-laws, Table of
Concordances (TOCs), regulations, strategies, action plans, roadmaps,
1.1 Preparing an updated gap analysis on the EU approximation of the
existing legislative framework in selected areas as basis for further advice
the competent authorities. Key actors of the activity are Prime Minister’s
Office (PMO) and line ministries, as they oversee NSDEI short- and
medium-term priorities;
1.2 Preparing institutional and administrative gap assessments of the
administrative structure responsible for implementing the acquis /
European standards in selected areas in order to analyse their level of
1.3 Provide support to national administration in drafting the acquis-
compliant legislation including the timely elaboration of necessary by-
laws, tables of concordance, instructions, manuals, guidance and other interpretative materials, action and training plans and other instruments for
the smooth implementation of adopted legislation in selected areas;
1.4 Assist relevant institutions in developing the necessary implementation
follow-up measures and in monitoring and reporting on the implementation
of harmonised legislation in selected areas.
2. Training and knowledge creation
2.1 Assist competent institutions in the transposition and implementation
of the EU acquis in selected areas and its proper enforcing in the
upcoming period.
2.2 Prepare national administration for the legal and practical aspect and
challenges in the implementation of harmonised regulations and support
establishing of functional coordination mechanisms to facilitate
2.3 Increase in-house training capacities through organization of Training
of Trainers (ToT) programmes in order to increase the number and quality
of domestic trainers.
3. Expertise, exchanges and partnerships
3.1 Advise as necessary on the competences and appropriateness of the
institutions (line ministries, independent agencies etc.) in charge for
specific pieces of the EU acquis as well as their restructuring.
3.3 Assist EI Secretariat institutions as well as line ministries, independent
agencies etc. in fulfilling obligations from the SAA and accession
3.4 Provide technical advice in selected areas on the elaboration of national
legislation transposing the EU acquis.
These activities will be carried out in close cooperation with on-going
projects in the same areas, and will be building up from results of previous
relevant project.
4. Knowledge transfer and training
4.1 Continue support for national administration to elaborate and/or fine
tune negotiating positions as well as to address opening, interim and
closing benchmarks;
4.2 Support negotiating structure in preparation for bilateral screenings;
4.3 In the course of negotiations, ensure assistance to relevant institutions
in particular to prepare grounds to overcome and fulfil opening, interim
and closing benchmarks, negotiating positions, to elaborate required
analyses and reports etc. (depending on the situation per chapter based on
EU common position);
4.4 Provide technical support and advice to PMO, negotiating structure and
other involved in the process of accession negotiations; 4.5 Support PMO and negotiating structure in facilitation and coordination
of horizontal and vertical negotiating structure and in obtaining targeted
capacity building and transfer of know-how from recent accession
experiences (seminars, workshops, etc.);
4.6 Transfer of knowledge to cover the training needs to improve the
awareness and knowledge of the Albanian civil servants on EU policies
and on the negotiation process and furthermore develop Trainers' skills
4.7 Provide a series of trainings on soft skills (such as for example
organisational/management, planning, negotiating, writing skills,
communication, training techniques etc.). In implementing these trainings,
the Contractor shall closely collaborate with Albanian School of Public
4.8 Strengthen the work of the Partnership Platform for European
Integration and shall include the strengthening capacities of non-state
sectors in designing, monitoring and evaluating public policies, which are
relevant to the accession process. SEI will provide support in organising
regular partnership events, forums, round-tables, seminars with the aim to
discuss different aspects of the EU integration processes.

Expected Results

The expected outputs of this contract are as follows:

1. Enhanced compatibility of national legislation with the EU acquis and
its effective implementation
2. Enhanced capacities of relevant national structures for successful
carrying out of accession negotiations.

Project Reference Number IPA III/2023/444-911