Support Participation, Accountability and Civil Society Empowerment (SPACE)

Support Participation, Accountability and Civil Society Empowerment (SPACE)


Project Value 477,520.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Together for Life Shoqata TFL;

Rrjeti Ballkanik per Gazetarine Investigative, Shqiperi-Ballkan –
Investigative Reporting Network, Albania (BIRN);
Qendresa Qytetare;
Qendra per Ekselence DESTINY;

Beneficiaries: Local Grassroots CSOs;
Local and central government (health and education institutions);
Media and journalists;
Final beneficiaries:
Patients and their families;
Youth and their families;
Albania population

EU Contribution
453,000.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

Supporting CSOs to play their oversight/watchdog and monitoring roles in
the field of good governance and on the other side to advocate, educate
and raise awareness for better governance.

Summary of the Project

The Project focused on anti-corruption, budget transparency and
accountability dimensions, as it aims to strengthen the engagement of CSOs
in public policy processes/cycle through evidence-based advocacy and
monitoring of reforms. It focused and assess public participation in
preparation, implementation and monitoring of legislative drafts,
government strategies and budgeting aiming (policy cycle) to increase
transparency and accountability in the public sector strengthening CSOs
capacities, especially local grassroots CSOs from different regions in Albania.


The steering committee

 The needs assessment of the local grassroots organizations and
formal/non-formal groups from different regions of the country
 The three-days training to increase the capacities of up to 20 CSOs and
non/formal groups
 Two calls for proposal to support up in total 12 proposals from CSOs
from different regions of the country in the health and education
 Monitoring health and education national strategies to produce
alternative reports (two reports) and recommendations
 The transparency evaluation report based on the data gathered by the
public institutions on the ground monitoring and Freedom of
Information requests
 The advocacy activities
1) One public forum,
2) 4 round tables about the reports and recommendations that will
be given,
3) one public talk,
4) two workshops with policy-makers and representatives of public
institutions, aiming to advocate for the proposed changes;
 20 articles
 Preparation and publication of information
1) Two videos;
2) 20 infographics;
3) 5 podcasts;
Six events will take place between CSOs, media and other state and
non-state actors to promote the right to information,
Six Ideathon,
Meetings in small groups with young people
The final conference,

Expected Results

Outcome 1: Civil society organizations will work better to demand improved
accountability and budget transparency of public institutions (health and
education sectors)
Outcome 2. Increased public pressure on authorities to respond, change
behaviour and reduce corruption;
Outcome 3: CSOs, media, youth, state/non-state stakeholders work
together to improve the budget transparency and accountability, leading to
the better quality of services for the Albanian citizens.

Project Reference Number IPA III/2022/441-234