Sector Reform Contract to Support Transport with a Focus on Roads

Sector Reform Contract to Support Transport with a Focus on Roads


Project Value 21,000,000.00 €
Project Status Finished
Beneficiary Sector
Implementing Partners

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

EU Contribution
21,000,000.00 €
Project Timeline
December 2017 - December 2021

Overall Objective

The project aims to promote economic development and improve citizens’ quality of life by contributing to an efficient transport system, integrated in the region and in the EU network.

Summary of the Project

This Sector Reform Contract to Support Transport will contribute to the improved efficiency and sustainability of the road transport management, by supporting good governance and the implementation of standards for maintenance and safety. This will result in the improvement of the technical and safety conditions of the Albanian National Road Network and in the strengthening of the administrative capacities for the management of road construction and maintenance at central and regional levels.


  • Transfer of EUR 21 million to the beneficiary country in the fiscal years 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Engagement in dialogue around requirements and government reform priorities, the verification of fulfilled requirements and the payment of budget support
  • Continued effort to reinforce the national institutional capacities to implement the Transport Reform Strategy
  • Enhancing donor coordination
  • Strengthening of monitoring and evaluation systems for Transport Strategy implementation

Expected Results

  • Overall improved design and implementation of road transport policies
  • Improved alignment of the Albanian transport legislation to the EU acquis
  • Improved quality of public spending / value for money for road transport
  • Modernised and upgraded primary and secondary road network
  • Improved road safety conditions
  • Improved road maintenance performance
EUD contact point

Ardian METAJ

Project Reference Number 2017 / 394-917

Road Safety Video

Road Safety Video