Reconstruction of Hani i Hotit Border Crossing Point

Reconstruction of Hani i Hotit Border Crossing Point


Project Value 2,482,230.60 €
Project Status Finished
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EU Contribution
2,482,230.60 €
Project Timeline
08/09/2015 - 31/05/2018

Overall Objective

Summary of the Project

HANI HOTIT BORDER CROSSING POINT (BCP) connects Albania with Montenegro. It is classified as a First Category BCP, and it is the only BCP between Albania and Montenegro open for commercial goods transports.

The BCP did meet neither Schengen Standards nor European best practices in this field. High traffic volumes, especially the transport of goods, were causing serious delays. This was mainly due to the lack of space in the BCP area, the lack of sufficient lanes for inbound and outbound traffic, as well as to the topographical structure. The BCP is located between a steep hill/embankment structure for the railway track on one side and the Shkodra lake on the other.
Due to the limited space, it was suggested to move all goods processing activities to a point approx. 1.5km from the actual borderline (new Custom Terminal), while small vehicles and person control will be handled at the current BCP, but in more appropriate facilities and with widened lanes (reconstructed BCP).

The main works consisted of the following items:

  • Widening of the border control area including adding control positions and lanes (now 5 lanes, of
    which one is very wide and provides space for an additional 6 lanes at times of high traffic flow).
  • Demolish unnecessary existing buildings and replace them with adequate premises for processing and control of persons, small vehicles, trucks and buses.
  • Creation of a new customs cargo processing and control area and buildings located 1,5km from the current control point (import and export declarations for commercial goods) with veterinary and phytosanitary offices as well as an adequate facility for 2nd line control of heavy vehicles.


Expected Results