Provision of Home Care Service for Elderly in Tirana

Provision of Home Care Service for Elderly in Tirana


Project Value 329,930.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Municipality of Tirana

EU Contribution
296,798.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

The project will establish a model of multidisciplinary home care
service for the elderly in Tirana Municipality, aiming to be a pioneer
service at the country level; and will increase the awareness of elderly,
professionals in the field of care and the general public on promoting a
healthy active aging and autonomous life in old age.

Summary of the Project

Promoting social inclusion in the Municipality of Tirana for the elderly groups.


Identified a total of 228 elders (130 females, 98 males, aged
62-86+). Of these, 225 underwent socioeconomic and health
assessments. Project team developed assessment tools to
collect socio-demographic and health-related data on the
elderly, providing comprehensive insights to prioritize needs.
For each elderly involved in the service the project team has
developed an Individual Intervention Plans, which are tailored
to each elderly individual's unique circumstances and updated
The identified elderly are referred from various resources as
following: 40 elderlies from the administrative units, 25
elderlies from the Social Centres of the Municipality of Tirana,
and 35 elderlies from non-public organizations such as Ryder
Albania and Elder People Organizations. Additionally, 105
elderlies have been referred by public health institutions, and 6
elderlies have been referred by different citizens of Tirana who
became aware of the project through various means and 2
elderlies contacted by themselves.

Healthcare: 111 elders, 108 diagnosed with cancer, received
healthcare from medical professionals. The frequency of visits
ranged from 1-4 times weekly based on health severity. To
date, doctors have conducted 3441 home visits and nurses,
 Caregivers support: 66 elders are receiving home care services
from caregivers, ensuring that elders receive the necessary
assistance in their daily lives. The frequency of visits varies
based on the needs of the elders. In total, 1575 home visits
have been conducted by caregivers, with an average of 17-19
daily home visits. The time to one home visits vary from a
minimum of 30 minutes to max 180 minutes based on the
elderly need and autonomy. The services provided include
cooked food delivery (659 meals), accompanying elders to
family doctors, specialists, and hospitals for planned medical
visits (46 accompaniments). Other common services offered
are food shopping, cooking meals at home, personal and home
hygiene assistance, and accompanying elders for walks as per
doctors 39; recommendations.
Social Worker Support: They have conducted 225 elderly
assessments, develop the intervention plan in close
collaboration with caregivers and elderlies themselves, and
refer the elderlies to other services and institutions based on
their needs. After the assessment the social workers have
conduct 240 elderlies home visits, have provide professional
support for different social services to 48 of them (emotional
support, communication with their family members, helping
them with e-Albania platform, making recommendation or
referrals etc.) and have met with 58 professionals from
different institutions to inform them about the project and
address the specific needs of the elders.
Referrals to Other Institutions: 66 elderlies have benefit
different other services as referrals to other institutions to meet
specific needs of the elders. Referrals for food and hygienic
packages, pampers, cooked food, and legal issues have been
made, ensuring that the elders receive the necessary support
from relevant organizations. This collaborative approach
maximizes the available resources and expand the range of
services accessible to the elders.

Expected Results

Through this intervention and by providing a multidisciplinary home
care service a better quality of life will be achieved by the elderly and
their family members. They will be better informed and educated and
more aware about the existing services and in general about their
rights. They will receive support and services for: carrying out
activities of daily living and improving personal and household
hygiene, nutrition.

Project Reference Number 2022 432-710