Ports as Driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm (PoWER)

Ports as Driving Wheels of Entrepreneurial Realm (PoWER)


Project Value 1,436,405.01 €
Project Status Finished
Implementing Partners

Cooperation and Development Institute

EU Contribution
1,220,944.42 €
Project Timeline
01/01/2018 - 31/12/2020

Overall Objective

Through its activities, PoWER fosters collaboration among the key-actors of the
Innovation Supply Chain (ISC) including cognitive institutions (schools,
Universities, research bodies), enterprises and local Public Administrations, in
order to turn the multi-layered challenges affecting Adriatic-Ionian ports into an
opportunity to integrate, cross-fertilize and exploit the “power” of territories.

Summary of the Project

PoWER aimed to support the evolution of Adriatic Sea ports into Innovation Hubs, able to act as new transmission belts between Adriatic shoreline regions, and exploit their untapped entrepreneurial potential. PoWER focused on ports as drivers for boosting integration, innovation and growth of the local unexpressed potential (entrepreneurial, educational, administrative, research and social).


CO-CREATION OF ENERGY-ORIENTED NEEDS MAPS – Objective is to coordinate on-fields activities in case-study areas in order to make them comparable and coherent. The starting working method, applied & tested during the WP on-field activities, will be developed into the PoWER Method for energy-oriented needs mapping. Such method will focus, through an holistic & integrated approach, on the energy needs to be surveyed in the sake of the creation of energy-related scenarios (WP4); key-elements of the method will be local stakeholders engagement for the co-creation of the needs maps and the
adoption of GIS technology.

incubating the Innovation Hubs Network (IHN), a network of ports in which
innovation supply chains are created by:
– integrating innovation key actors of the territory (schools, Universities,
research centres, enterprise etc.);
– engagement of enterprises and research through a call for solutions;
– gaming sessions open to students from schools and Universities, in order
to stimulate new business and research ideas;
– networking for merging the 3 innovation levels (enterprise, education and research) into integrated innovation supply chains.

SCENARIOS FORESIGHT – This activity aims at co-producing a shared
pathway of evolution of ports into Innovation Hubs (IHs), according to the WP objectives:
– co-creation of energy-oriented scenarios in each of the case-studies, by
means of a Strategic Foresight based on the data gathered and the assessment regarding energy supply-demand, infrastructures, socio-economic conditions, as well as on the ideas&solutions individuated in
the abovementioned activity;
– participation to the co-creation processes of the local/regional
(companies, research centers, public agencies, schools & Universities), in
order to customize and tune perspectives & solutions on the real-life
exigencies of the case-studies and to foster transnational cooperation for
developing a critical mass, so to create a competitive advantage for the ADRION area;
– joint elaboration of the Strategy for the evolution of ports into IHs, which
will constitute the reference document of the IHN;
– the Strategy will be composed of different interlinked layers, corresponding to the main shared issues and challenges derived by the local case studies, starting from the energy-oriented outcomes of the project, and will allow to activate further thematic processes according to the PoWER joint approach;
– development of an open Platform for supporting the implementation of
the Strategy after the project finalization; the Platform will be structured
according to the layout of the Strategy, and will be extensible in accordance to new strategic layers that will come out from the IHN

Expected Results

The project outputs are:

·  the PoWER methodology and mechanism for facilitating the collaboration between enterprises and research institutions and, in so doing, speeding up the building of ISCs;
·  the Adriatic-wide Innovation Hubs Network (IHN);
·  the IHN joint Strategy for the evolution of Adriatic ports into Innovation Hubs, supported by an ICT Platform devoted to its