National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania

National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania


Project Value 526,315.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners
  • Partners Albania for Change and Development (Leader)
  • Albanian Centre for Population and Development (Partner)
  • European Movement in Albania  (Partner)
EU Contribution
526.32 €
Project Timeline
January 2019 - December 2022

Overall Objective

The National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania aims to contribute to strengthening the capacities of CSOs to be effective, transparent and accountable independent actors; and to contribute to the creation of an environment that is conducive to civil society participation, participatory democracy and the EU integration process in Albania.

Summary of the Project

The National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania  will serve as a platform for civil society at the local, national, regional level and beyond. It contributed to the strengthening of civil society organisations (CSOs) capacities to be more effective, transparent, accountable and independent actors, and to the creation of an enabling environment for the civil society, for participatory democracy and the integration process of Albania into the European Union.

The Centre main office is in Tirana and has two other regional offices in Shkodra and Vlora, to ensure its activities and services cover the wider territory of the country.


  • Provision of Help Desk services for CSOs
  • Organisation of networking events
  • CSO Academy
  • Onsite and online training programs based on the needs assessment of CSOs
  • Information sessions on the EU accession process for CSOs
  • Preparation of the Code of Conduct
  • Information sessions with CSOs on the Code of Conduct initiative
  • Regional consultation workshops regarding the Code of Conduct
  • Code of Conduct implementation
  • Issuing of the Monitoring Matrix for an Enabling Environment for CSOs in Albania
  • Preparation and implementation of advocacy initiatives to create an enabling environment for CSOs
  • Preparation of policy papers on the role of CSOs in the EU accession negotiation process and on other specific topics that interest the civil society sector
  • Organisation of People 2 People events on the EU integration process
  • Provision of technical assistance to CSO networks to increase their role in policy- and decision-making
  • Organisation of dialogue meetings between the National Resource Centre for Civil Society and CSOs
  • Organisation of national conferences to promote an enabling environment for CSOs

Expected Results

  • Increased awareness and access to research-based information on key issues for CSOs
  • Creation of an enabling environment for CSO development; thematic networking at national and regional level, through close collaboration with other mechanisms that contribute to CSO development
  • Strengthened CSOs’ capacities and competencies in organisational development and project management (with a special focus on newly established, local and small CSOs)
  • Improved enabling environment for an increased role and contribution of civil society to the EU integration process and other key reform processes in the country, through joint and coordinated advocacy efforts; increased policy dialogue between CSOs and the government
  • Improved public perception of civil society and stakeholders’ trust in CSOs by enhancing their transparency, accountability and self-governance, based on a shared standard designed through an open and transparent consultation process.


EUD contact point

Alessandro ANGIUS

Project Reference Number 2018 / 404-034