Microenterprise Development Project for Women in the Cross-Border Area

Microenterprise Development Project for Women in the Cross-Border Area


Project Value 388,048.00 €
Project Status Finished
Implementing Partners
  • Centre for Change Management (CCM)
  • Centre for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS)
  • Institute for Human Rights (IHR)
  • Foundation for support of women and youth entrepreneurship – EGALITE
EU Contribution
329,840.83 €
Project Timeline
April 2018 - October 2020

Overall Objective

The project aims to increase the competitiveness of women entrepreneurs and strengthen women entrepreneurship in Polog and Elbasan regions. It also aims to provide sustainable solutions for the development of micro and small businesses owned and led by women in the cross-border area.

Summary of the Project

The project provided necessary support to potential and existing women entrepreneurs in order to strengthen their business skills. It also provided additional technical support in order to grow and expand micro and small businesses owned and run by women, in the cross-border region between Polog and Elbasan.


  • Organising professional training programmes on business creation, business management and mitigation of business risks
  • Establishment of business advisory services for the provision of support for improved design, production and packaging of products
  • Organising direct marketing services and joint e-commerce activities, including the creation of an on-line store oriented towards international customers
  • Elaboration of support measures for an increase in women entrepreneurship

Expected Results

  • Improved skills and competencies in business management and risk mitigation, and improved general entrepreneurial attitudes and business values
  • Established business advisory services for women entrepreneurs in order to increase their economic activities and business development potential
  • Disseminated legal and economic support services and information on duties, taxes, rights and obligations for entrepreneurs, including individual advice on legal matters
  • Increased production, trade and sale of local products as a result of better design, packaging, cross-border cooperation and/or online store presence and marketing
  • New policy measures developed jointly by local and national authorities to promote and support women in business
EUD contact point

Francesca Renzi


Project Reference Number 395-121