Key People, Key Knowledge

Key People, Key Knowledge


Project Value 487,229.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Municipality of Permet and Independent Forum for Albanian Women

Beneficiaries: Direct beneficiaries: at least 50 persons and 5 start-ups involved in the
economic empowerment activities; at least 100 persons involved in the
socio-cultural activities.
Indirect beneficiaries: at least 5000 inhabitants of the targeted area


EU Contribution
462,868.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

Create new working/business opportunities to women and unemployed
youth giving a sustainable alternative to the risks of being involved in
cultivation of cannabis.

Summary of the Project

The “Key People, Key Knowledge” project aims to create new
working/business opportunities for women and unemployed youth,
reducing inequality by supporting female leadership inside business
start-ups and self-employment initiatives and to give an answer adapted
to the risks of economic, political and cultural marginalisation of the
targeted territory. Moreover, the project intends to reinforce and
facilitate development of a culture of civil society and to help increase
the level of cooperation and mutual knowledge between civil society and
local authorities in the area of Përmet.
Particularly, the project aims at two specific objectives: To design and to
manage a sustainable ecosystem for local socio-economic development
and to help solving different kinds of problems: A) revitalising local
economy, aiming at developing responsibility and confidence in
individuals and solidarity within the communities; B) building active
collaboration and revitalising local resources through active
collaboration between public and private actors, with the aim of
enhancing the cultural well-being of the community. These will lead to
enhance youth’s and woman’s resources; revitalise local economy,
aiming at developing responsibility and confidence in individuals and
solidarity within the communities; build active collaboration between
different actors (public and private) of the local community, with the
aim of developing and co-managing local development interventions.


Activities related to ER 1:

1.1 State of Art, analysis of territories;
1.2 Training on the job, public-private – for the transfer of strategic skills
in the field of international cooperation, strategic management, creation
and development of businesses, support to non-profit social activity;
1.3 Creation of an incubator for entrepreneurship women and youth
1.4 Stage (field visit) to Palermo (Italy);
Activities related to ER 2:
2.1 Reconstruction of a recreation centre (tourism info point, rafting and
sportive fishing) in the Petran village (Permet)
2.2 Reconstruction of recreational rooms (ping pong rooms) in the "At
Stath Melani" school in Petran and in the city of Permet
2.3 Organisation of cultural exchange activities between the rural areas
and the city of Permet (books promotion in the rural schools)

Expected Results

Expected result 1 (ER): Created a comprehensive system of supporting

tools to consolidated entrepreneurship at local level.
– 1 Task Force of 50 beneficiaries’ representatives of NGO/SME/Local
Authorities (officials, experts on management and with strategic skills)

able to disseminate knowledge and train other women and youth;
– At least 10 start-ups/NGOs created with and legally registered by the
end of the project;
– 1 Incubator for supporting youth and female sustainable business
initiatives created.
Expected result 2
Enhanced social relations and dialogue in the rural areas through the
promotion of tourism, cultural and sport activities.
At least 3 agreements between L.A. (Local Authority) and private NGO
organisations to the delegation of management of social activities and
public services.

Project Reference Number IPA/2022/434-967