Judiciary under spotlight

Judiciary under spotlight


Project Value 526,300.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners


Institute for Policy & Legals Studies (IPLS) – lead
Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA) – partner
Centre for Legal Empowerment (CLE) Partner


Beneficiaries:Albanian civil society at large; justice institutions.

EU Contribution
500,000.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

Overall objective: Empowerment of Albanian CSOs and other key
stakeholders to exert an effective watchdog role over the functioning of
the Albanian judiciary.

Summary of the Project

The project “Judiciary Under Spotlight” seeks to empower Albanian CSOs and
other key stakeholders to conduct monitoring and evaluation of the functioning of
the Albanian judiciary in compliance with legal, procedural and best practice
standards by endeavouring to achieve three outcomes (O):
O 1 – A Judicial Monitoring Framework developed and made available for use by
civil society actors.
O 2 – Increased and sustainable capacity of CSOs/key stakeholders to rigorously
monitor judicial activity.
O 3 – Monitoring exercise on judicial performance implemented in selected courts
and analytical reports published and discussed.
In order to achieve these outcomes, this project has undertaken to effectively train a
large number of organisations of civil society, including law students and media
organisations, from four big size regions of Albania (Tirana, Durresi, Vlora and
Shkodra) to carry out in a professional way monitoring processes on the
performance of the Albanian judiciary as per the applicable legal and procedural
framework as well as the best international standards. The training activity will aim
to transfer the indispensable know how on the contemporary standards, the
applicable Albanian legal/procedural framework and the monitoring tools (essential
indicators and data, and the methodology of their collection) on four key judicial
activity areas: (i) access to justice and fair trial, (ii) judicial meritocracy, (iii)
judicial integrity and (iv) court transparency. By the end of the training, which
amount to a crash professional course on these four areas, the targeted organisations
and actors of civil society will have obtained the required arsenal for conducting
their independent monitoring exercises of the judicial activity.
As an indispensable base and frame, under the first project objective “Develop a
Judicial Monitoring Framework and make available for use to civil society actors”,
4 guides and ten Training Manuals will be prepared before the start of the training
activity. The Manuals will provide all necessary essentials of standards, legal
references, judicial practices and relevant monitoring tools on the four targeted
areas of judicial activity (see further above) in such a way as to effectively enable
the organisations/actors of civil society to carry out their own independent
monitoring exercises. Further on, under Objective Two of the project “Increase the
capacity of CSOs/key stakeholders to rigorously monitor judicial activity” about sixty (60) Albanian CSOs, including youth and media organisations, in addition to
law students of main universities from Tirana, Durres, Shkoder and Vlore, will
successfully undergo training in the targeted four areas of judicial activity and ways
to develop a judicial sector benchmark monitoring/evaluation project.
Under the sub-granting scheme four selected courts from the four selected
regions that will be subject to monitoring exercises by trained CSOs under the
project constitute the indirect beneficiaries.


Selection of experts.

Preparation of four (4) Judicial Monitoring Guides.
Preparation of ten (10) Manuals of Training.
Organisation of at least 64 training events.
Setup and operation of a dedicated web platform.
Sub-Granting Activities.
Set up of the application system.
Informational sessions.
Selection, approval and announcement of wining proposals.
Monitoring and mentoring of the grantees.
Closing event.

Expected Results

At least four locally developed and innovative Judicial Monitoring
Guides for CSOs/stakeholders in five crucial areas of judiciary activity:
access to justice, fair trial, judicial integrity, meritocracy in judicial
careers, court transparency.
At least five Manuals of Training for Monitoring Judicial Performance in
At least 60 Albanian CSOs, youth media and organisations both from
the capital city and the regions successfully trained in four areas of
judicial activity and ways to develop a judicial sector benchmark
evaluation project. Training certificates distributed.
A dedicated website to disseminate the Monitoring Guides, the Training
Manuals and the CSOs’/key stakeholders’ judicial monitoring reports.
A sound grant-making process for CSO support through a state-of-the-
art project application and management system.
Up to four winning proposals submitted by target groups successfully
implemented in selected courts of the country.
Know-how, good practices and lessons learnt exchanged among target
groups in the project closing event. Recognition Award provided for the
best performing CSO/stakeholder project under the sub-granting scheme.

Project Reference Number IPA III/2022/174080-1/21