Information and Communication Support for the EU Delegation to Albania

Information and Communication Support for the EU Delegation to Albania


Project Value 1,500,000.00 €
Project Status Finished
Implementing Partners

Management and Development Associates

EU Contribution
1,500,000.00 €
Project Timeline
January 2018 - January 2019

Overall Objective

The overall objective of this project is to increase the level of information and public awareness of the Albanian population about the European Union, its policies and programmes, about their impact on citizens’ daily lives, and about the EU accession process and membership.

Summary of the Project

The project provided information on the European Union, its institutions and policies, the relations between Albania and the EU, Albania’s integration process and its implications for the country, aiming at bringing all this information closer to the Albanian citizens through a wide range of activities such as information sessions, training, social media posts, round tables, workshops, cultural and sports events etc.
The Europe House general approach is to increase the level of information and public awareness about the European Union in Albania, as well as about the country’s accession process, ensuring that comprehensive information is responding to the major demand for information especially after the country gained the status of candidate country for EU membership.


• Operation and management of Europe House in Tirana
• Design and implementation of a communication strategy, including online communication
• Support to enhance the communication and visibility of EU assistance
• Design and implementation of cultural diplomacy actions
• Support to the EU Desks in municipalities
• Design and organisation of Europe Week in Albania
• Conducting research, analysis and media review
• Media relations
• Design and hosting of events
• Implementing awareness-raising campaigns and contests
• Delivering information products
• Online communication
• Audio-visual production and provision of photographic services

Expected Results

• Higher level of visibility of the EU, activities and its assistance throughout Albania, through professional, efficient and targeted communication strategies
• Accurate and interesting information about EU integration process is provided to citizens and various types of target groups, including but not limited to media, educational establishments, civil society organisations, business community, youth; highlighting the benefits, requirements and challenges of EU integration
• Increased coverage in print and electronic media of EU-related news, activities of the EU Delegation, Europe House, EU Desks in municipalities and EU-funded projects and success stories
• Management of Europe House as a venue for cultural, political, social and economic discussions, events, interactions between experts, academics, journalists, civil society, businesses and youth, including increased awareness of its existence, activities and services is ensured
• The EU Delegation’s cultural diplomacy strategy is implemented to increase cultural exchanges between Albania and the EU
• Strengthened support for EU Desks in municipalities throughout the country
• Coordinated communication and information campaigns and enhanced visibility on issues and sectors supported by EU funds

EUD contact point

Dasara Dizdari Zeneli

Project Reference Number 2018/404-290