Green Lands

Green Lands


Project Value 469,816.92 €
Project Status Finished
Implementing Partners
  • Municipality of Berane
  • VIS Albania
  • Municipality Malesi e Madhe
  • CARITAS Montenegro
EU Contribution
399,344.38 €
Project Timeline
April 2018 - October 2020

Overall Objective

The project aims to contribute to environmental protection in Montenegro and Albania through a more efficient waste management (reduction, separation and recycling).

Summary of the Project

The project improved the efficiency of the waste management system in the target areas, raised awareness about waste among the population and strengthened the capacity of public institutions to do a proper waste collection in the municipalities of Berane and Malësi e Madhe.


  • Realisation of a pilot project for two types of waste (dry and wet component) selection
  • Purchase and delivery of cans and containers to the beneficiary municipalities
  • Purchase and delivery of equipment for the utility company and/or the communal police
  • Photo competition
  • Creation of green islands

Expected Results

  • The technical capacity of institutions dealing with environment issues in the target region is strengthened
  • The level of awareness of citizens in the cross-border region regarding the benefits of proper waste collection is improved
  • A functioning system of differentiated waste collection in the target region is established
EUD contact point

Francesca Renzi

Project Reference Number CFCU/MNE/049