EU4schools (Phase II)– post earthquake recovery in the educational sector

EU4schools (Phase II)– post earthquake recovery in the educational sector


Project Value 60,000,000.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners


Beneficiaries: Special measure on supporting Albania in 2019 post-earthquake
reconstruction and rehabilitation of school facilities and community
infrastructure, in complementarity with Phase I.
The objective is to rebuild 64 education facilities. To date (October
2023), 44 are completed.

EU Contribution
60,000,000.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective



The overall objective of the Action is to further support central and local
governments in reducing social and economic losses from the earthquake,
and to accelerate the recovery process through educational facility repairs
and reconstruction, as a continuation of the “EU4Schools” Phase I.
The specific objectives are:
(i) To support repairing and reconstruction, including basic furnishing, of
education facilities in municipalities affected by the earthquake according to

Summary of the Project

This Action is the unified “EU4Schools” funded by European Union (EU) to
accelerate the recovery process in the education sector, after the earthquake
of November 26, 2019 in Albania. It integrates and completes the Action
“EU4Schools” Phase I, currently under implementation, in terms of
objectives, interventions, structures and mechanisms. The first phase started
on April 2020 and will be implemented in an 18 months period, in five
affected municipalities, namely: (i) Durres, (ii) Kavaje, (iii) Kruje, (iv)
Kamez and (v) Kurbin. It aims to target indicatively 22 educational facilities,
including kindergarten, primary schools and secondary schools, from which
indicatively 11 to be repaired and 11 reconstructed. The Action is
implemented by UNDP in collaboration with the Albanian Government.
As indicated by the Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA), the education
sector is one of the most affected by the November 26, 2019 earthquake.
Damages were reported to 321 educational institutions (all types including
dormitories) in the 11 affected municipalities, representing 24% of all
educational establishments. In this context, the EU pledged EUR 15 million
allocated for Phase I of the reconstruction of the education sector, as part of
the donor’s conference organised in Brussels on February 17, 2020. Together
with this additional EUR 60 million for Phase II, the European Union
allocated in total EUR 75 Million for the reconstruction of the education
sector in the municipalities most affected by the earthquake.


Expected Results

The main expected results are as follows:

Result 1: Educational facilities repaired 1 and/or reconstructed, with a strong
emphasis on sustainability, inclusiveness, and environmental protection.
Result 2: Quality of learning environment, including technical capacities of
central and local level institutions improved
Result 3: Transparency, accountability and inclusiveness in recovery
processes strengthened

Project Reference Number 2020  / 417-701