EU Support to Integrated Water Management

EU Support to Integrated Water Management


Overall Objective

To enhance the implementation of the National Water Reform Strategy and support the progress of Albania towards EU water legislation requirements, through strengthening the capacities for integrated water management in line with EU policies.

Summary of the Project

The project aims to strengthen the integrated management of the water sector in line with the National Water Reform Strategy and the national legislation transposing the EU Water Framework directive.


  • Assessment of the current legal framework and gap, preparing amendments to the legislation and preparing a strategy for the implementation of EU water legislation
  • Providing training on approximation / implementation of EU directives in the water sector
  • Assessment of the current River Basin Management Plans, producing a roadmap for improving compliance with EU legislation, and improving the selected River Basin Management Plans
  • Review of duties, responsibilities and operation of institutions and of water monitoring systems at river basin level, drafting a capacity building plan and training programme, drafting proposals for an enhanced monitoring system
  • Providing trainings and workshops on integrated water management
  • Assessment of the current budgetary framework and of the existing pricing policy and regulations; elaboration of tools on cost benefits analysis and water use tariffing; drafting proposals for the introduction of cost recovery principles in policies, strategies, plans and tariffs
  • Communication and outreach activities towards the public and targeted groups

Expected Results

  • The legal framework in the field of water management is improved in an inclusive and evidence-based manner, and is implemented and enforced in line with the EU requirements
  • The River Basin Management Plans are implemented for selected river basins, and in line with EU requirements
  • The institutional capacity at river basin level for integrated water management is enhanced
  • The budgetary framework and economic analysis of water extraction and water use at basin level are improved in line with the EU Water Framework directive principles, the tariff structure is reviewed and enforced
EUD contact point

Hubert Grandjean

Project Reference Number 2017 / 393-187