EU for Municipalities – support to local development potentials and improvement of environmental and socio-economic conditions of local communities

EU for Municipalities – support to local development potentials and improvement of environmental and socio-economic conditions of local communities


Project Value 2,647,237.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Network of associations of local authorities of South East Europe


Beneficiaries:Municipalities, Ministry of State for Local Governments, Agency for
Support to Local Governments, Local Governments associations,
CSOs, citizens.

EU Contribution
2,500,000.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

The project contributes to higher development potential of Municipalities and better environmental and socio-economic conditions of the local communities.

Summary of the Project

EU for Municipalities (EU4M) aims at fostering municipalities'
development potential and improving the socio-economic and
environmental conditions of local communities in Albania.
EU for Municipalities supports the upgrade of municipal infrastructure
enabling quality public services and sustainable local economic
development therefore directly contributing to improving the quality
of life and life chances of Albanian citizens in their local communities.
The priority of EU for Municipalities is to support municipalities in
Albania via sub-grants ranging from EUR 20 000 to 50 000, and EUR
100 000 to 200 000 contributing to promoting and fostering
sustainable and inclusive local economic development, to the
rehabilitation and modernisation of the local infrastructure and the
upgrade of the quality of local public services, to environmental
protection and climate change mitigation at local level and to
promoting youth, culture and sports in local communities.


1.1.1. Preparation of EU4M Grant Scheme documentation

1.1.2. Communication and visibility actions
1.1.3. Launching of EU4M call for proposals
1.1.4. Evaluation of applications for grants
1.2.1 Contracting and disbursement of EU4M
1.2.2 Monitoring and evaluation of individual grants and overall
grants scheme
2.1.1.Connect EU coordinators’ network with other similar networks
in SEE
2.1.2.Best practices from WB6 and EU member states inspiring
innovative project ideas
2.2.1.Technical Assistance to municipalities in developing their
applications for EU4M
2.3.1 On-the-job counselling / coaching for small municipalities and
regional capacity development measures in grant management
2.3.2 Elaboration of example-based Comprehensive
Guidebook on EU project management and procurement
procedures and Manual on Implementation and Monitoring.
2.3.3 EU and SEE Municipal infrastructure project best
practice catalogue/database

Expected Results

Municipalities are supported in implementing their strategic development objectives and strategic plans EU funding absorption capacities of local Governments is strengthened.

Project Reference Number IPA/2021/424-417