EU 4 Inclusive Teaching

EU 4 Inclusive Teaching


Project Value 2,352,941.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Fondacioni Shoqëria e Hapur për Shqipërinë and Tampere University of

Applied Sciences Ltd

Beneficiaries:15 000 teachers; school psychologists and social workers in 320 schools;
Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, Agency of Quality Assurance in
Pre-university Education (AQAPE) and Regional and local structures of
education management in Albania

EU Contribution
2,000,000.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

To enhance inclusive competence-based quality learning in pre-university
primary education in Albania that leaves no child behind based on processes
that equip teachers with skills and competences of inclusive teaching.

Summary of the Project

This Action prioritizes the quality of education and inclusion in education by
sustaining the completion of the pre- niversity curriculum reform, teacher
training and employment with a particular focus on greater inclusion of
children with disabilities in school, children from disadvantaged
backgrounds, and the increase in number and professional skills of assistant


R1.1 Design/update the professional development curriculum for in-service
teachers and education leaders in new competency-based curriculum and
evidence-based methods of inclusive teaching
R1.2 Design ToT for 320 teacher trainers
R2.1 Implementation of the Training of Trainers (ToT) program 22 training
days for at least 320 teachers
R2.2 Support /monitor the roll-out of training for 15,000 teachers and
education manager
R3.1 Support to refurbish the premises of psychologists and social workers
of 320 schools so that they are secure and safe for students and professionals to work in.

Expected Results

Specific Objective: Reviewing and updating the professional development
curriculum for in-service teachers
Result 1: 320 teacher trainers identified by AQAPE undergo a ToT program
and the roll-out of training for 15,000 teachers and education managers
Result 2: Designing the blueprint of School Psychologist/Social Worker
Result 3: Transition plan to a resource centre for the Schools for Deaf and
Blind children