Eco-Tourism Routes in the Cross-Border Area for the Promotion of Alternative Tourism

Eco-Tourism Routes in the Cross-Border Area for the Promotion of Alternative Tourism


Project Value 470,482.00 €
Project Status Ongoing
Implementing Partners

Kukës Municipality

Beneficiaries:Rahovec Municipality CO-APPLICANT
Green Art Center CO-APPLICANT

EU Contribution
399,910.00 €
Project Timeline

Overall Objective

To contribute to the promotion of sustainable development growth and
attractiveness of the Kukës – Rahovec areas so as to make better use of
their tourism potentials in pursuing regional development and
facilitating cross border cooperation while promoting eco-tourism
routes across both areas as natural & cultural corridors.

Summary of the Project

Renew and expand the tourist offer, highlighting natural and
cultural routes and, promoting remote villages that have an extended
natural and historical and cultural heritage.
Deepen the natural and cultural heritage, emphasizing the
characteristics of authenticity, beauty and uniqueness of the territory.
SO3. Improve access to information to the hikers and the visitors of
the area offering complete and accurate digital information about the
paths, the conditions and the necessary equipment for the hikers or the
Enhancement of human resources’ expertise on subjects
corresponding to environmentally friendly development of tourism
and boost local craftwork, with particular emphasis for women
Develop cooperation networks among companies & institutions
in the tourist sector for exchange of know-how & shaping of common
tourist destinations and products.


Besides project management, monitoring and evaluation, as common

activity, the project is divided into 4 activity components:
Component A: Communication and Media;
Component B: Cultural and natural trails/routes;
Component C: Integrated ICT technology to promote tourism
potentials in both areas; and
Component D: Training activities and cooperation networks

Expected Results

Promotion and valorisation of cultural and natural heritage in the CBC
area. Organization of cultural and natural outdoor activities highlighting
local natural and cultural features and encouraging locals to stay and
promote their territories. Improving digital information to tourists and visitors. Improving human resources capacities.
Supporting local SME entrepreneurs and establishing a joint local

Project Reference Number 2022/431-340