Disasters Do Not Know Borders

Disasters Do Not Know Borders


Overall Objective

The project aims to improve the protection of the environment and people through reduced risks of disasters in the cross-border area.

Summary of the Project

The project will strengthen the capacities of institutions and services working on disaster risk reduction, with an emphasis on flood protection and rescue. It will raise awareness among the local population about protection from floods and disaster risk reduction.


• Cross-border trainings for rescuers on protection in case of floods and on swift waters
• Training on GIS mapping for professionals dealing with emergencies
• Preparation of a Protocol of Cooperation defining a Common Warning System in the area of Skadar Lake
• Procurement of equipment for forecasting and early warning system
• Procurement of equipment for protection from floods

Expected Results

• Improved technical and staff capacity of institutions and services dealing with protection and rescue
• Improved capacities for forecasting and early warning; improved cross-border cooperation in this area
• The population in the cross-border area and target municipalities is familiarised with flood protection and rescue
• Improved cooperation between institutions and between protection and rescue units from Albania and Montenegro
• Institutions and services in charge of protection and rescue from Albania and Montenegro are familiarised with the best EU practices in flood protection and rescue

EUD contact point

Francesca Renzi

Project Reference Number CFCU/MNE/050